USA, Alaska, Unalaska, Dutch Harbor

Cinematographer John and me. Bering Sea in the background

Cinematographer John and me. Bering Sea in the background

King Crab, Eagles and Salmon.
19 th of September Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA.This landscape looks like the home of the Hobbits in the Lord of the Ring. Mountains covered with a green soft carpet. In clear weather you see snowcapped mountains and volcanoes. On the summits of around Unalaska there are remains from World War Two. Bunkers and batteries. The bay is habited by seals, sea utters and hump back whales. In the air and on rocks and masts there are white headed eagles in abundance. The creeks around the village are boiling with salmon who are striving upstream to breed. As soon as they have done this they die. That’s their moments of being 😉 On the banks along the creeks you see heaps of smelling dead fish. On the docks the crab cages are piled up, ready for the crab fishing season to start. Despite the number of inhabitants (4400) the harbor is huge. It actually consists of several harbors. So different compared to the harbors I have seen so far in Greenland, Canada and Alaska. Very wealthy and BIG.
Yesterday 18/9 was the last day of filming with Primitive Entertainment. They spent almost the entire day on different locations interviewing me. Backgrounds like the sea and the mountains. In the evening we all ( me, Kevin, John, Sanjay, Scott, Yves and the two new crew members of Libellule; Alain and Julie) went to The Aleutian Hotel to eat their famous sea food buffet. We were all stuffed with King Crab, Sushi, Halibut, Salmon, Shrimps and desserts before we said goodnight and split up.
Today 19/9 I have booked a ferry that will leave Dutch Harbor 24/9 and arrive at Homer the 27/9. I have not decided yet but my plan is to continue along the coast to Prince Rupert BC and hopefully go the island Haida Gwaii which, according to Kevin is a magic place. There are pine tree rainforests and old Indian villages.
I have also moved from the boat to the Aleutian Hotel where I will stay until I catch the ferry. This morning I said goodby to the film crew. It feels sad in a way because we have been together now and then during three months on locations like Reykjavik, Nuuk, Illulisat, Pond Inlet. In Cambridge Bay there was another crew.
In the meantime I will investigate Unalaska and the surrounding nature which is, as far as I have seen, very promising. I have contact with a naturalist guide and if all things fit together, she will take me for a hike in the mountains looking and birds and flowers.
I will be back with more about Unalaska and how things develop here.


4 thoughts on “USA, Alaska, Unalaska, Dutch Harbor

    1. richardnorthwest Post author

      I just learned they are called bald eagles, and they are everywhere – on the lighting poles, radio masts and houses. Not to forget the sea life. Just looked in a book at the library picturing the life under water. All those creatures you have never seen, nor heard spoken of. I think my next camera will be submergeable. On sunday i will hike with a naturalist – Suzi Golodof. She knows a lot about birds and plants etz. Has written several books on the subject. That will be fun. Antoinette I am sure you would apreciate this nature, bring your D90!.


  1. Lottie

    Hej Richard!
    Så fantastiskt o läsa om ditt äventyr!
    Ser fram emot att få ta del av fler bilder o berättelser då du kommit hem, fast du beskriver din resa så inspirerande.
    Vi har i dagarna fått de första minusgraderna här hemma o det är väldigt vackert.
    Ha det gott!!

    1. richardnorthwest Post author

      Tack Charlotte!
      Naturligtvis blir det bildvisning när jag är hemma. Fortfarande behaglig temperatur här men vintern kan anlända plötsligt till Homer. Trivs redan utmärkt bra här, trots att jag kom igår med färjan från Dutch Harbour. Bakgrunden med de glaciärbeströdda bergen är som tagna ur en Disneyfilm.



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