Resonate on the bright side.

Met this sailor in Cambridge Bay and I like his writing. Richard


-to produce or be filled with a deep, full reverberating sound.

We hear about all the ripple effects, don’t we? We hear the gossip and the drama. We as humans seem to love drama. Drama and blame.

I have a theory about that. The theory goes that we tend to take the wide path and blame is easier than facing reality.

To truly hate is a full time job. With no vacation. No benefits. No pay. No retirement.

But to truly love is all vacation, all pay, all benefits and full retirement.

As I said, we as people tend to remember the ripple effects of the bad. But that’s because we look for them, in the media and on the roadside. But how often do we perpetuate the good? How often do we call a friend and pass on news that gives hope and empowerment?

Less than we should…

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