Adventurers hangover or reverse culture shock .

Coming home from a long and adventures trip is not easy. My familiar 84 kg body is right here at my desk at the architects office, at the computer, at meetings, at my bike riding to work. But my mind and soul is less present here. They must in a sence have got stuck somewhere in Canada or Alaska north of the arctic circle. The good thing is I feel more present at home with my family than I did before. I appreciate to be close to my family and my friends. I take more care of relations and I don’t put much energy anymore trying to convince ”old friends” that we should meet if they dont make any efforts themselves. Shallow friendship is not an issue anymore.

Being home also means trying to incorporate your impressions from the trip, to make them pronounced and to use them to create something.

During the first part of my trip on Dax I experienced hardships and social problems which was a tough lesson but they also serve as a emotional base for the rest of the trip and for the rest of my life. The journey in its whole would not have been as solid and complex as it came out without theese initial problems.

Encountering problems also creates a wish to express yourself and, as a new thing music came to me. I have been playing in a rockband for 25 years and I have also tried folkmusic on fiddle but without really beeing in the music. Now I realize I was using music more like an attitude and not expressing much inside of me. In the difficulties during the trip on Dax music came natural and without any effort. So now I have a song for you dear blogreaders. It is called Waltz on Baffin Bay and is about the beauty and the troubles but mostly about the beauty. I hope you like it. The clip is from a lecture about my Northwest Passage I held for friends recently. On the twelve string guitar is Catharina Frediksson and on the base is Karl Boson.


14 thoughts on “Adventurers hangover or reverse culture shock .

  1. Antoinette

    Jag kan förstå att Dina äventyr har orsakat en stor förändring i Dig. Om Du tänker satsa på en karriär i musiken, gå till Izzy Young, han vill kanske ordna en konsert tillsammans med Dig!
    Ha det bra, ta dina 84 kilo var dina tankar går.
    Varma hälsningar,
    Antoinette och Sten

  2. Claude

    Hi Richard,
    As you must know the documentary ” The North West Passage”, which in fact proper title should be “Richard Tégner NWP adventure” ( where this e accute (é) comes from, I have never seen this key on a Swedish keyboard) has been broadcasted on ARTE since a week (14 episodes).

    In case you do not know ARTE is a TV chanel publicly funded by French and Germans, it broadcast in both languages.
    Sadly, ARTE is regarded as an “intellectual/alternative” chanel by many in France, indeed programs include live opera from Bayreuth or Vienna, films which are definetely not blockbusters like Japanese films with subtitles, lots of intellectually chalenging programs.
    And, for entertainement swedish “Real Humans”, danish “Borgen” and lately norwegian “Lillyhammer” comedies.
    So no huge audience, your are not likely to become famous and do not expect, rockstar style, french girls to jump on top of you screaming should you play with a band in France.
    That said, I should like to thank you for playing an essential part in this program, not like an actor, but being truly yourself, disclosing openly your feelings.
    I have seen hundreds of documentaries about polar bears, life of the Inuit, global warming and ice melting, fewer if any about people sailing in the NWP, and none about a regular traveler like you.
    Unlike those professional travelers ex SAS living in the wild, American chasing the spectacular, or invasive French reporter, broken english, relying on someone to translate when he/she pose a question, you are the calm, quiet Swedish traveller.
    You are possibly not aware of it yourself, I have spent several months in Sweden, please, take my word for it.
    It was really a pleasure to travel you in front of my TV screen.
    Claude, from the windy northern shores of France.

    1. richardnorthwest Post author

      Thanks Claude for sharing your impressions of the Polar Sea documentary. I truly appreciate your appreciative words about my appearance in the series.

      All the best
      I think you found the acute accent but put it over the wrong e.

      1. rewolution

        Hei Richard,

        your song – please put the lyrics on – i LOVE this song! i would like to learn & play it.

        Thank you and greetings from Germany. Also beautiful documentary!

  3. Ernest

    Bonjour Richard je viens de finir le dernier épisode de Polar Sea, c’était un de meilleurs documentaires que j’ai eu à voir. Je voulais te dire Merci d’avoir partagé ton voyage avec nous, tu as fait un trés beau voyage, qui doit faire rêver beaucoup de monde.
    Ernest de France

  4. Marita

    Hi Richard! Just finished watching the Polar Sea. I enjoyed your commentary & really – I have the same longing to be in the arctic..I was very homesick for Inuktitut when I heard the Inuit in the episode speaking….I was born in Helsinki but grew up in Canada. In 2002 I went to work in Yellowknife NWT for 12 years & got to travel in the arctic a lot. It changed me so much. There is a quiet & calm & room & space to be yourself, in your head.I loved the cold, the skies, the natural world. Last year I moved back to Toronto (Canada) but was restless. I went to Iceland & Finland in June. I loved Iceland & didn’t want to leave (I’m going back this year.) Nature for me is like a “religion” & the arctic is at the top of my inspiration list. (I started my arcticlife blog to show southerners what life was like in the arctic.)

    Be well


    1. richardnorthwest Post author

      Marita yes the Arctic certainly gets into you. Once there you always want to go back. So you live in Toronto right now?
      Keep adventure living – in mind and action. All the best


  5. Ginette

    Nice to meet you Richard!!
    Great what you are doing and your thoughts and feelings about you travel!
    Like your song as well, it make me feel wavering and saw pictures of dancing in a folk group!! Good luck for your future!
    Greetings from a tv couch in Luxembourg

  6. Claudia Dietsch

    Hello Richard,

    The year 2016 is just 14 hours old right now and I am watching on phoenix your documentary about your journey through the Polar Sea. It is a huge adventure just watching it and it feels like you are without any fear. How does it come. Is it because of the fascination?
    I really love watching it! I now get itchy feet and also want to explore the world. But I belong to those who are a little afraid of – I guess… what a pity.
    I really love your song and also want to ask to get the lyrics or chords if it is possible?

    When will be your next expedition?
    All the best for you. 🙂
    Greetings from Germany.

    1. richardnorthwest Post author

      Hi Claudia.
      I am glad to hear that you appreciated the Polar Sea Series. Where is it broadcasted, in Germany?
      You mention fear – I only felt real fear maybe one or two times and it was just a matter of coping with it and curiosity is often the dominant factor. Often in my life I have surrendered to fear but not this time.
      I suggest you try to relieve the itch in your feet by plunging in to, at least some little adventure.
      My own little adventure right now is to participate in world cup in winter swim in northern Sweden at the 13th of february. It is a race in a 25 meter pool in the ice in Skellefteå river. I have tried to get a team together for a stafett but no one is really interested – they think it will be cold. Of course it will be cold, thats the point as well as the kick.
      I will send the lyrics with chords to Waltz on Baffin Bay to your mail. If you perform it, please send me a recording I would love to hear someone else interpretate it.

      Best wishes from Richard

      1. Claudia Dietsch

        just have sent you a wee mail. Swimming in a pool in the ice is quite brave of you. 🙂 So I will think of you in February and hope you don’t freeze 😀 :D.

        By the way: I already have started to practice the song… It is so wonderful and does something to someone… quite emotional…

        All the best,
        Claudia 🙂

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